A cancer awareness and prevention campaign was organised by the ESOINDIA group in Association with the Mother Teresa Women’s University and Rotary Club of Kodaikanal. The program was organised at the indoor sports auditorium at the Ativampatti campus of the Mother Teresa Women’s University at Kodaikanal.The program was inaugurated by Prof S M Chandramohan, the Founder President of ESOINDIA,( ,the Registrar of the University Dr A Suganthi and the student counselor Mrs Paul Mary Deborah. The registrar outlined the importance of early cancer awareness in both school and college children as they can communicate the information to the society with absolute ease.
               Prof SM Chandramohan encouraged and appreciated the students innovative way of using the theater art, expressions and music as a communication media for the dissemination of this important information.  The main focus was to generate awareness of early cancer warning systems. The emphasis was on to get the appropriate early medical care as a cancer intervention done at early stages gives cure. The students touched upon the importance of prevention, identification of early cancer symptoms, the rationale of quitting tobacco use in any form and alcohol consumption, the healthy food concepts, the safe food handling storage  principles, the ways of healthy eating habits, the need for timely medical attention and the family support systems. They emphasized the importance of the personal and emotional and empathetic support systems of the cancer affected person by the friends and family members.
                The students brilliantly brought out  the social menace of depression, performance pressures, peer bullying and issues surrounding the lack of family time and it’s impact on a student’s learning capabilities. They depicted the impact of social and the need for family and academic support systems for challenged students and emphasized the importance of suicide prevention.The students were from Mother Teresa Women’s University, Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Bharathia Vidhya Bhavans Gandhi Vidhyashram, Sankara vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Santham Matriculation Higher Secondary School, St Peter’s International School and Kodaikanal Christian College. The importance of financial back up for health care, various  government and private health insurance schemes were explained . It was well attended by more than 2500 participants which included school students, college students and parents.
           Dr M Kanagavel ,Secretary ,ESOINDIA and Dr K Poongothai ,the academic counselor of ESOINDIA shared the current Guidelines and medical developments in the respective modules of cancer prevention, detection and palliative support systems. Thanks are due to the respective faculty  coordinator of  the participating institution for  training and flawless  execution of the student  performances  with the most apt mesages. Ms Jayapriya aliased with all the academic institutions and streamlined the student program. The entire program was well organised and coordinated by Mr Venkatesh a social cause supporter at Kodaikanal.